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What is the best thing about The River Dogs?

Charm and good looks.
Snazzy dressers.
Great tunes.
They let me sing along.
Their name has 4 syllables.
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Some former yutes from Toms River, NJ, sharing bonds from their teen years and a penchant for rock n roll, reconvened in 2002 to form The River Dogs a band guaranteed to deliver...a howlin' good time. Perfect for private parties, the local bar, or your next bar mitzvah, the band plays a contagious breed of danceable rock that will leave your smile muscles spent and your dancing shoes in tatters. Here you'll find all of the latest info on upcoming gigs & the band, along with some wacky videos and other incriminating photos of the band and their friends. To be added to our email list, please drop a note to jack@jackfarrell.com Read on about the band, and don't hesitate to hire us by calling Jack at 609-945-2330 we're cheap, we're fun, and we never leave a mess! References available.

Upcoming Gigs:
The IVY INN, Princeton, NJ
10pm -- Saturday, October 12, 2019

(Left to right: Vinnie Ross, Paul Plumeri, Marty Paglione, Jack Farrell)

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